About Bait Vagan

Bait Vagan Guest House welcomes you to turn any event, convention or conference in to an unforgettable experience.

The Guest House is located in the Bait Vagan neighborhood in Jerusalem, in a pastoral area, in front of the spectacular view of Judean Mountains and the scenic Ein Karem neighborhood, close to some of the most important historical sites, such as Mount Herzl and Yad Vashem.

The guest house is also close to public transportation lines and the light rail, making it easy to access different historical sites as well as Jerusalem’s cultural spots and hangout places, including Mahane Yehuda Market, Western Wall, The Old City and the city’s center.

The guest house contains accommodation rooms, a convention center and a fancy events hall.

The Guest House contains 114 rooms, each designed at a very high standard and is suitable for couples, families, teenagers and adults, for the holidays, weekends or weekdays.

All guests will enjoy the Guest House’s reputation, followed by many years of hosting with a unique family atmosphere and with a rich diverse menu.

Hosting during Shabbat & Holidays is a special experience, provided after years of hosting events such as Shabbat Chatan, Shabbat Bar Mitzva, birthdays and other family gatherings. An experienced team will escort you to make sure your schedule is met and your event is successful from start to finish.

During the holidays the Guest House offers a suitable rich menu, in addition to a fancy synagogue and several different dining rooms, in different sizes.


Bait Vagan’s Convention and Events’ Center hosts many national and international conferences.

The center contains 30 classrooms and event halls, all equipped and spacious.

NEW – VIP conference site for business and international events


Crystal Events Hall, with a warm and classic atmosphere, is ideal for weddings, bar mitzvas, bris ceremonies etc. The events hall can host up to 400 guests and is equipped with advanced lighting and sound systems.

The Guest House’ rich and diverse menu is Glatt Kosher from the rabbinate in Jerusalem, and it has turned in to a household name by our many customers.


Guests also enjoy free WiFi, an underground parking lot free of charge, and wheelchair accessibility.